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  • Do you feel “down” more than you would like? 

  • Do you often feel tired and have low motivation? 

  • Losing interest in the things that used to make you happy?

If so, we can work together to help you find relief.  Since mood variations are a normal part of life, it is important to distinguish clinical depression from appropriately being sad or “blue” during times of distress.  This is why a comprehensive consultation by a knowledgeable provider is of paramount importance in starting your journey back to happiness and health. 

Some additional common symptoms of clinical depression include changes in sleep, appetite, concentration, and increased tearfulness.   Often people with depression feel that they are “just going through the motions” in life. However, the good news is that depression can be successfully managed by using psychotherapy and/or psychiatric medications.  In some situations, employing both of these interventions simultaneously can lead to a more robust and longer-lasting remission in symptoms.  The treatment that is successful for each person is highly individualized and will vary depending on the cause of the individual’s depression, the specific symptoms, and the level of distress. Together we can collaborate to find the best strategy for managing your depression and regaining balance in your life.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Spicer, please call his office at (212) 479- 8400 or complete a confidential inquiry form  .