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My name is Dr. Spicer, and I would like to partner with you to meet your psychiatric needs. Whether you want to combine talk therapy and medication management, or you are seeking psychopharmocology to augment your ongoing work with your own therapist, I believe in meeting the client where he or she is at. I view treatment as a partnership between client and clinician, and I encourage my clients to take an active role in their therapy. My commitment is to be the expert on cutting edge methods of medication management and psychotherapeutic techniques, and I expect you to be the expert on you. Together we can collaborate to bring about the changes you are seeking.

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It's normal to have some reservations about consulting a psychiatrist, yet most people consider services at some point in their lives. The stress of life is often something that exceeds what we can handle alone, and I believe it is a sign of maturity and courage to be able to ask for help. Many people are concerned that seeing a psychiatrist could lead to an ongoing dependence on therapy or medications. On the contrary, an initial consultation can often lead to a validation of what is already working well in your life.  Once doing a full evaluation, some people decide that they can benefit from medication or psychotherapy and I am here to provide those services as needed. If you're considering making an appointment, please take a minute to complete my confidential inquiry form to let me know what you're thinking. I offer a free twenty minute phone consultation to help you determine whether an initial consultation would be helpful.