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  • Do you feel worried or tense more than you would like? 

  • Do you ever shy away from social situations due to being nervous? 

  • Feel like the stress of work is interfering with other parts of your life? 

If so, we can work together to help you feel better.  Anxiety is a normal response to difficult situations—however, in some people anxiety occurs too often or gets in the way of leading a full, rewarding life.  Some common symptoms of anxiety include problems with sleep, muscle tension, irritability, and unnecessary avoidance of situations due to fears and worries.  There is good news--anxiety can be successfully managed using psychotherapy and/or psychiatric medications.  The treatment of choice varies on the cause of the anxiety, your specific symptoms and your level of discomfort.  Together we can collaborate to find the best strategy for managing your anxiety and regaining balance in your life.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Spicer, please call his office at (212) 479- 8400 or complete a confidential inquiry form.